2017 Ambassadors of Sour is Sold Out!

Thank you all for the support.


2017 Terms and Conditions


  • Ten 750mL bottles of sour beer (our choice)
  • Ability to purchase most bottle releases online
  • Club exclusive bottles available for purchase online
  • Ability to store club goods and most online bottle purchases until March 31st, 2018
  • Option to pick-up beer at brewery, ship within California (at an additional cost), or assign a trustee
  • 10% discount
  • Custom growler
  • Custom glassware
  • Membership ID card
  • First right of acceptance for 2018 membership
  • Cost - $300 (+tax), non-refundable

Membership in Ambassadors of Sour is priced at $300 (+tax). Membership benefits, which are designed for one person, commence on January 1st, 2017 and conclude on December 31st, 2017. Here are more details about Ambassadors of Sour.



10 Sour Beers

As an Ambassador of Sour, you will receive 10 bottles of sour beer that the blenders at The Rare Barrel will create specifically for you and the other members. Of the 10 bottles included in the membership, we anticipate that there will be two bottles each of five different brands. These beers will be blended specifically for the Ambassadors. In order to preserve quality, we do not commit to any specific releases or any release schedule. As such, your bottles may be released at any point in 2017. In the case of a slight overage in blending, The Rare Barrel plans to offer Ambassadors the opportunity to purchase additional bottles online, but access to the additional bottles is not guaranteed and they may sell out.  We also plan to cellar some of these excess small-batch blends for the purpose of a vintage release at a later date or for serving at special events. Our intent is for these beers to be available just for the Ambassadors of Sour, but if we have an excess after 2017 we may offer them for special events or to the public for on-site consumption in the Tasting Room in 2018 and beyond.

Ability to Purchase Most Bottle Releases Online

Ambassador Online Pre-sale

In 2017, we plan to release other bottles that are not included in the Ambassadors of Sour membership. As an Ambassador, you will have the first right to conveniently purchase a limited number of bottles of most bottled releases through the Ambassador Online Pre-sale on our website. Ambassadors will have access to purchase non-club releases online before the public has access to them in the Tasting Room or on our website.  All bottles purchased through this method can be stored at The Rare Barrel from the time of purchase through March 31st, 2018. Please note that while all Ambassadors will have access to these allocations, some of these beers may be limited in quantity. All bottles are sold on a first come basis and may sell out. We will reserve a small amount of bottles for the public release and we may sell the draft version of a particular release before we sell the bottled version.

Ambassador Second Chance Sale

Ambassadors will occasionally have an additional opportunity to purchase a bottled brand online, however, the main difference is that these orders must be shipped. This second opportunity to purchase a bottled brand online would occur after the bottles are released through the Ambassador Online Pre-sale and Tasting Room.

Club Exclusive Bottles Available for Purchase Online

In addition to the 10 beers included with your membership, The Rare Barrel may release a few limited small batch beers that will be exclusive to Ambassadors of Sour. While these will not be included as part of your membership, as an Ambassador of Sour, you will have the opportunity to purchase bottles online, on a first come, first served basis. These may sell out and access is not guaranteed.  These exclusive bottle releases could be beers we have already made before or they could be new beers. We expect that we will have around 2-4 of these exclusive bottle releases throughout the year, but that could fluctuate based on production.  Our intent is for these beers to be available just for the Ambassadors of Sour, but if we have an excess after 2017 we may offer them for special events or to the public for on-site consumption in the Tasting Room in 2018 and beyond.

Ability to Store Club Goods and Most Online Bottle Purchases Until March 31st, 2018

Ambassadors may store their club goods (bottles included with membership, growler, and glassware) and bottles purchased through Ambassador Online Pre-sale from the time of purchase until March 31st, 2018, at no additional charge. Bottles purchased through the Ambassador Second Chance Sale are excluded from this benefit and must be shipped.

Order Shipping and Pick-up

Ambassadors will have three options for fulfilling their orders placed online: pick-up beer at the brewery, ship beer to their house/business in California, or designate a trustee to pick-up their beer from the Tasting Room for them.

  • Pick-up at brewery – Ambassadors have the convenience of placing Ambassador Online Pre-sale orders online and picking them up in the Tasting Room, at no additional charge. Orders can only be picked-up from the Tasting Room during normal Tasting Room hours. All Ambassador Online Pre-sale beer purchased through the membership may be stored at The Rare Barrel until March 31st, 2018. If you do live locally and visit the Tasting Room, we ask that you please pickup your bottles and do not use our brewery as a cellaring facility. Our space is limited and this will help ensure we can continue to offer this benefit.
  • Shipping within California – Ambassadors have the opportunity to ship their beer to any residential or business address in California at an additional cost. We currently fulfill orders once per week. When we ship beer in California, we usually ship orders on Tuesday and they usually arrive on Wednesday. Shipping costs in California for next-day delivery currently range from approximately $15 for one bottle to $26 for 12 bottles. If you would like to save on shipping costs, Ambassadors have the option to combine current and past Ambassador Online Pre-sale orders to ship multiple orders at once. While we do have Ambassador Second Chance Sales and will periodically open online sales to the public, only the Ambassador Online Pre-sale orders can be combined and shipped at a later date.  The Rare Barrel is only legally allowed to ship to addresses within California, even if your state allows beer shipping. A signature and government issued ID proving that the person accepting the packing is 21+ years of age will be required upon delivery. We cannot ship beer to P.O. boxes.
  • Trustee – Ambassadors of Sour may designate a Trustee to pick-up their beer in the Tasting Room. This is a great option if you live outside of California and are not able to visit the Tasting Room or ship your beers in California. The 10% discount and other club benefits do not apply to Trustees.

10% Discount 

Ambassadors of Sour will receive a 10% discount on all beer, merchandise, events, and food purchases made through the website and Tasting Room. The discount does not apply to membership renewal or purchases made by your trustee.

Custom Growler

Ambassadors will receive a custom growler that is unique to the club. When the Tasting Room is open, Ambassadors currently have 1-2 growler fill options, but in 2017 Ambassadors will typically have access to fill their growler with 4 to 8 different sour beers. Ambassador branded growlers can be filled by anyone in possession of the growler (i.e. you can have a friend fill your Ambassador growler with the Ambassadors Fill in your absence). Empty growlers can be picked-up in the Tasting Room or shipped at an additional charge. We do not ship full growlers, and do not recommend shipping any growlers with beer in them. In order to control our limited supply of sour beer, we will only fill growlers branded by The Rare Barrel.

Custom Glassware

Each Ambassador will receive glassware that is specific to Ambassadors of Sour.  Glassware can be shipped (at additional charge) or picked-up in the Tasting Room.

Membership ID Card

Membership includes a personalized, non-transferrable, membership card. Members must present this card in the Tasting Room to receive the 10% discount.

First Right of Acceptance for 2018 Membership

Ambassadors of Sour will have the first right to re-enroll in the 2018 club. The number of memberships available for 2018 is currently undetermined, but will be based on production volumes and our ability to provide club members with limited release blends. Either way, each Ambassador will have the opportunity to re-enroll.


We will throw various events throughout the year, and Ambassadors may get early notice or priority to tickets for some events, but membership does not guarantee access to events.


Enrollment in Ambassadors of Sour is valid through December 31st, 2017. All Beer included with membership and purchased through Ambassador Online Pre-sale may be stored at The Rare Barrel until March 31st, 2018. Any beer or club goods that are not picked up or shipped by March 31st, 2018, will be forfeited.

Termination of Membership

Each person is allowed to have a maximum of one membership. If a member is found to have multiple memberships, we reserve the right to cancel and refund the unused portion of all of that person’s memberships.

All beer purchased and obtained through your Ambassadors of Sour membership is for the purpose of consumption. Drink the beer, enjoy the beer, or trade it with your friends. However, please do not resell our beer without obtaining a wholesale account with us. Reselling bottles without a wholesale account with The Rare Barrel is illegal and can jeopardize ours and your ABC license. Licensed retailers are prohibited from purchasing beer as an Ambassador of Sour unless it is solely for personal consumption and not for resale or distribution. If a club member is found illegally reselling our beer, their membership will be canceled.


Phew… that’s a lot of info to digest! If you have any other questions about Ambassadors of Sour, feel free to email us ambassador@therarebarrel.com or call us at 510.984.6585 x5!




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