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Important note when enrolling | On the next page, you'll select whether or not to have your subscription default to pick up or ship your allotments. Here is how to set that... 

How to set the default to picking up allotments - On the next page in the "Shipping Information" box, simply select "Hold At Brewery", and your default setting will be set for us to hold your allotments here for 30 days from when they are released to ya! If you aren't able to pick up your order within 30 days, that's all good, we'll simply ship your allotment to you at the flat $15 overnight shipping rate. 
How to set the default to shipping allotments - On the next page in the "Shipping Information" box, simply select "Billing Address" or "Create New Address" and you'll enroll so that your default setting is to ship your allotment overnight at the flat $15 rate to that address when it's ready. We suggest shipping to an address where an adult will be available to sign for the delivery between 9am-6pm.
Can I change my mind about shipping or picking up after I enroll? - Sure thing! You can change your default preference between shipping and picking up or change your shipping address simply by emailing! Just make sure to let us know about any change before your next allotment order is processed.

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