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Notable Press


Paste Magazine: 104 of the Best Christmas/Winter Beers, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

Home Sour Home is a wonderfully complex, session-strength sour that provided an extremely welcome break from spiced beers in this tasting.

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine: Best in Beer : Readers' Chocie & Editors' Picks

Its simplicity, balanced acidity, perfectly dialed sweetness, and brilliantly clear citrus-fruit flavor notes make it the first bottle we grab from the cellar when choosing a sour beer for pairing with a meal, and there’s nothing like it on a warm summer evening, watching the sun set over the mountains.

BEER ADVOCATE Issue #111: The Rarest of Barrels : pH1's Influence and Inspiration

[Goodwin] and his former roommate Wallash marveled at one barrel having such influence on American sour beer. So they named their company-in-planning “The Rare Barrel” in honor of pH1.

DRAFT Magazine: Top 25 best beers of 2015

While the fruited sour was a buzzy trend in 2015, this one, aged in oak barrels with blackberries and black currants, brought something else to the table: lovely dark malt character.

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine: Breakout Brewer: The Rare Barrel

Goodwin likens brewing and fermenting sour beer to conducting scientific analysis, and he fondly refers to his beers as “experiments.” 

DRAFT Magazine: Put all-sour brewery The Rare Barrel on your radar

 if you’re a sour beer fan, consider making a new friend in Cali or start planning a vacation. The just-over-a-year-old brewery has already established itself with a lineup of well-balanced, not-overly-cheek-puckering beers that explore the subtle side of sour. 

DRAFT Magazine: The 25 best beers of 2014

More brewers are trying to turn plates into pints, but no food-inspired beer captures culinary imagination like this comforting, summery peach-cobbler-themed golden sour.

DRAFT Magazine: 25 breweries you should know

Less than a year old, the all-sour Berkeley, Calif., barrelhouse, home to more than 850 barrels, is turning heads, and not just for its beer.

ALL ABOUT BEER Magazine: Pull up a stool with Jay Goodwin and Alex Wallash

Let someone know that the first sip is going to shock your palate, the second sip is going to start drawing you in, and by the third sip you should start tasting the beer as it should be tasted.

BEER ADVOCATE Issue #90: 9 Steps to Beerdom

Sour beer immediately reminds people of wine, champagne, cider, kombucha– all these things are really gaining popularity. People who don't like beer, but who are willing to try something new, really like sour beer.



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