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The Rare Barrel
March 8, 2018 | The Rare Barrel

Fifth Annual Allagash Saison Day at The Rare Barrel | Saturday, April 14th

We’re doing it again! We are more than honored to host another Saison Day. The Fifth Annual Allagash Saison Day will be held at The Rare Barrel on Saturday, April 14th starting at 1PM. Join us, along with Allagash Founder Rob Tod, in the Tasting Room & Kitchen as we celebrate this amazing style along with 15 other Northern California breweries. So who else is going to be raising a glass and partying down with us? Check out the list of breweries that will be showcasing saison for Saison Day below. 
Astrid | mixed fermentation saison aged in Aquavit barrels
Belfius | blend of spontaneously fermented beer and saison
Hibernal Fluxus | saison milk stout
Shiro's Delight | mixed fermentation saison aged in plums and pluerries
Saison Gratis | open- fermented saison hopped in a coolship
Bay Saison | saison with California bay leaves
Lost Wisdom | solera style saison
Brett Midler | sauvignon blanc barrel aged saison with Brettanomyces
Citraison | saison brewed with citra hops
Aces Rye | rye saison dry-hopped with citra hops
Resonance | blended saison
Champ Rochaux | saison with nectarines
Saison Sandwich | mixed fermentation saison aged in chardonay barrels
Paid Vacation | hoppy saison
Brouwerij Kat | mixed fermentation saison aged in gin barrels
The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg | solera aged saison with Brettanomyces 
Admiral Loral Saison | strong saison brewed with Admiral Maltings Maiden Voyage, loral hops, and Fantome's primary yeast strain
Yeoman's Pride | oak-kissed saison
Take The Time | keg conditioned saison
Roads Diverge | tart saison aged in oak barrels
Fork in the Rose | tart saison aged in oak barrels with rose hips and rose petals
Leaf in the Grassland | tart saison aged in oak barrels with sumac and lemon grass
Tomorrow's Verse | classic saison
Saison Apotheca | open fermented warehouse saison
Hungry? Tacos El Rey will be on site to dish up some tacos, burritos, and quesadillas to eat while drinking saison! So come thirsty, come hungry, come ready to cheers to this time-honored style.


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