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The Rare Barrel
February 8, 2013 | About Us | The Rare Barrel

What does The Rare Barrel mean?

As the time to our first brew day rapidly attenuates, we’d like to share with you the meaning behind the name of our sour beer company.

Our name may remind you that sour beer is only a small part of the American beer landscape. However, for us, the name is about a mission. The mission, which is built on a foundation of experimentation, exploration, and collaboration, is to discover a truly exceptional blend of yeast and bacteria that make a “dream barrel” of sour beer.  This is why we’re starting an all-sour beer company. We are in search of The Rare Barrel. In our quest to create a range of exceptional sour beers, you will search for our finest barrel of sour beer: The Rare Barrel.

On an annual basis, we will organize an exhaustive search (tasting) of our barrel house to find our finest barrel of sour beer. A team of craft beer enthusiasts, sour-heads, homebrewers, brewers, BJCP judges, cicerones, and foodies will taste through our barrel house and select our finest three barrels of sour beer. Once the search party has determined the top three barrels of sour beer, the founders of The Rare Barrel will taste them, and name the finest of the final three barrels as “The Rare Barrel.” Shortly after the search for The Rare Barrel, we will serve The Rare Barrel at a party for all attendees to enjoy. Additionally, we will re-pitch The Rare Barrel’s culture of yeast and bacteria into a new batch of wort, with the intention of recreating The Rare Barrel for more to enjoy.

We will be experimenting with various techniques and ingredients to produce a wide and exciting range of sour beers. This will give us great and diverse options in the selection of The Rare Barrel. With every beer we make, we will strive for its quality to reach the caliber of being The Rare Barrel.

We look forward to your help in the search for The Rare Barrel.



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