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Saison Day at The Rare Barrel

Date: Sat, Apr 6, 2019
Venue: The Rare Barrel

Allagash Brewing Company is teaming up with the Rare Barrel for the Berkeley celebration of our fifth annual Saison Day on April 6th. The dynamic duo of Allagash and Rare Barrel has partnered before, and this celebration is always packed with excellent beer, and even more excellent people.

Here’s just a taste of what will be on tap.

Roads Diverge – The Rare Barrel – tart saison aged in oak barrels 6.3%

With Moxie – The Rare Barrel  – hoppy tart saison aged in oak barrels 5.4%

Prism of Time – The Rare Barrel – tart saison brewed with aged hops aged in oak barrels 6.3%

Leaf in the Grassland – The Rare Barrel – tart saison aged in oak barrels with sumac and lemongrass 5.3%

Fork in the Rose – The Rare Barrel – tart saison aged in oak barrels with rose hips and rose petals 5.1%

Allagash Saison – Rustic and dry Belgian farmhouse-style ale. 6.1%

Allagash The Stranger and the Crane – Roasty aromas and a hint of tartness. A dark saison with cranberries. 6.3% ABV

Allagash The Daring Man – A wild blend of saison and muscat grape must. Tart notes of orange, pineapple, grape. Finishes dry. 9.0% ABV

Allagash Copain – Foudre-aged, sessionable sour ale brewed with spelt and oats. 3.8% ABV

Allagash Coolship Resurgam – Complex flavors including apricot and lemon zest define this tart, barrel-aged blend of spontaneously fermented beer. 6.3% ABV


No tickets necessary. Just come out and bring a thirst for this quintessentially Belgian style of beer.


Are you 21 or over?