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The Rare Barrel
June 27, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

Where have we been?

We haven’t updated our blog recently, and we are here to do something about that. We’ve been quite busy around The Rare Barrel lately, and would like to share some recent events with you.

We started brewing in February and it’s kept us very happy. While we started off brewing once every other week, we recently upped it to brewing two times every three weeks. That’s still a relatively small amount compared to most breweries, but with all of the preparation and work involved with sour beer, we stay busy.


More equipment allowed us to increase our production and prepare for packaging. This new equipment includes a second 30BBL fermenter, a 15BBL blending tank, and a 70BBL blending tank. The second fermenter has allowed us to double our production, but we aren’t using it to its full capacity yet. We’re expecting to start packaging sometime in the second half of this year. The 15 BBL blending tank will be used to package draft and small bottle releases, while the 70BBL blending tank will be used for our larger bottle releases. Additionally, our bottling line and labeler are currently being manufactured.

We’re also building a tasting room. Woo!  Back in March, we got zoning approval for the tasting room (thank you to all our friends and neighbors who came to speak in favor of it!). The tasting room should be open around late 2013.

How do you like the new website? Click around if you’d like. With this new website, we’re now able to sell our apparel (hoodies, hats, and shirts) and ship to all 50 states. Eventually, we will even sell and ship beer to residents in California using our new website, too.

We’ll do our best not to go this long without posting again. For the most up-to-date news, be sure to follow us on Facebook. For updates in 140 characters or less, you can follow us on Twitter. And for #artsy photos, follow us on Instagram @therarebarrel.



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