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The Rare Barrel
February 1, 2014 | The Rare Barrel

Beer Week Events

Beer Week (Feb 7-16) is right around the corner, and we have some awesome events in the tasting room and around the Bay! Here is a snapshot of the good times ahead:

TASTING ROOM (Tasting Room is open Fridays 4-10PM and Saturdays 2-10PM)

All Sour, All The Time - We will dedicate all 10 of our beer taps to our sours, and we'll be rotating through every beer we've put on draft so far. Over the course of the two weekends, we'll bring back Map of the Sun, Fields Forever, Tremendous Slouch, Egregious, and Hope in the Darkness (all of which are no longer on tap, and will probably only last though Beer Week). We only have 1-2 kegs of each beer, so we'll pour them while supplies last! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to see when these beers are tapped.


Friday, February 7th, 6-10PM

SF Beer Week Opening Gala - Come say "hi" to Jay and Brad as they pour you a sour or two at the gala! 

Saturday, February 8th, ~6PM - ??

Barrel Aged Beer Fest @ The Trappist - Come enjoy some barrel aged beers from The Rare Barrel, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, 50/50 Brewing Co., and more. Jay will be there, and we hear Chad from Crooked Stave will too. If you haven't met Chad, he's pretty rad. 

Sunday, February 9th, 11:30AM-??

Sour Sunday @ Jupiter - Jupiter will be pouring an egregious amount of sour and barrel aged beers on the back patio. Our crew will most definitely be there pouring sours and trying to catch 'em all. 

Wednesday, February 12th, 5:30PM and 8PM

Beer Dinner @ Mikkeller Bar - We've worked with Chef Mike O'Brien at Mikkeller Bar to create a ridiculous 5 course meal... each course paired with one of our sours. This is arguably going to be one of the highlights of our week. Seatings are at 5:30PM and 8PM, and Jay and Alex will be at both seatings. Yes, this event is a little pricy, but hey, have you ever had an all-sour-5-course-beer-dinner-extravaganza? Treat yourself... feed the hedonist inside you....  a few tickets are still available here

Thursday, February 13th, 6-10PM

Wood Is Good @ La Trappe  - We're pairing up with Lauren Salazar from New Belgium Brewing to pour three of each other's favorite wood aged sour beers. The Rare Barrel crew and Lauren will be there hanging out from 6-10PM.   If you haven't met Lauren, she is a sour beer rockstar and someone for whom we have the utmost respect and admiration. This event will be $25 for a flight of six 4oz pours (flight of all 6 sours being served). Tickets will also include light snacks. 2 kegs will be tapped at 6PM, 7PM, and 8PM!

Friday, February 14th, 7-11PM

Ales for Autism Black and White Beer Ball - 27 craft breweries, live music, local food, and all the proceeds from the event support educating children with autism, providing care for people with autism, and furthering autism research. As a new craft brewery without much beer, we don't have enough beer to send everywhere we'd like, but we're particularly excited to donate beer to this event and support the cause!

Saturday, February 15th

Meet The Brewers Beer Fest @ Hermitage Brewing Company - 12-5PM - 20 breweries, 5 food trucks, and unlimited beer. Jay will be pouring at our booth, and we believe that brewers from all the other breweries will be in attendance too. 

Funktastic Four @ Livermore Saloon, 1PM - ?? - Logsdon Farmhouse Ales + Prairie Artisanal Ales + 10 Barrel + The Rare Barrel = Funktastic Four. Word has it that David Logsdon will also be there. 

Sunday, February 16th

Sleep in. Rehydrate.

Hope you have a stellar Beer Week!

Party on, 

The Rare Barrel
December 26, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

Tasting Room is Now Open Fridays and Saturdays

Our tasting room is now open on Fridays from 4-10PM and Saturdays from 2-10PM! Our 12 taps will be flowing with our sours, two guest beers, and two guest wines. If you get hungry, you can also nosh on organic panini with a side salad. We're also kid friendly. Here is a preview of what we have to offer on December 27th, our opening day:

Location: 940 Parker St, Berkeley, CA 94710

Hours: Friday 4-10PM, Saturday 2-10PM

Sour Beer

SKUs Me - golden sour beer aged in oak barrels, 5.3%
Proportional Response  -  amber sour beer aged in oak barrels, 4.8%
Shadows of Their Eyes - dark sour beer aged in oak barrels, 5.6%
Ensorcelled - dark sour beer aged in oak barrels w/raspberry, 5.8%
Map of the Sun - golden sour beer aged in oak w/apricot, single barrel release, 6.4%
Sirius Black - golden sour beer aged in oak w/blackberry, single barrel release, 5.8%
Tremendous Slouch - golden sour beer aged in oak w/peach, single barrel release, 6.4%
Fields Forever - red sour beer aged in oak w/strawberry, single barrel release, 4.8%


Guest Beer

Melange #3, The Bruery, Orange County - american strong ale, 5 oz, 15%
The Publican, Societe Brewing Co., San Diego - pale ale, 16 oz, 5.5%


Guest Wine

Sluice Box, Donkey and Goat, Berkeley - white rhone style blend, 6 oz, 13.7%
The Return, Eno Wines, Berkeley - red grenache, unfined and unfiltered, 6 oz, 14.9%


Organic Panini served w/ quinoa side salad

Turkey Pesto - goat cheddar on acme ciabatta roll
Sliced Apple and Cheese - bellweather carmody cheese, local chevre, chicory on acme ciabatta roll


Hope to see you around!


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The Rare Barrel
October 29, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

Founder's Club

Enrollment for Ambassadors of Sour, our 2015 beer club, will open on September 30th at 8AM PST


We are excited to announce that we are opening up a limited number of memberships for the Founder’s Club! Below are some of the highlights for the Founder’s Club:

  • Ten 750 mL bottles of sour beer (Blender’s Choice)
  • First right to purchase most bottle releases online
  • 10% discount on all purchases in tasting room and online
  • One custom ceramic 32oz. growler
  • Two pieces of custom glassware
  • Membership ID card
  • First right of acceptance for 2015 membership
  • Option to pick-up at brewery, ship within California (at an additional cost), or assign a trustee
  • Cost - $300 (+tax). Non-refundable

A Founder's Club Membership will cost $300 (+tax). Memberships will go on sale on Friday, October 11th at 9am PST. Membership benefits start on January 1st, and conclude on December 31st, 2014. Here are more details about the Founder’s Club 

10 Sour Beers

Membership in this club includes 10 bottles of sour beer that the blenders at The Rare Barrel will create specifically for the Founders Club. Of the 10 bottles included in the membership, we anticipate that there will be two bottles each of five different brands. These beers will be blended specifically for the Founder’s Club, and as always, we will work to create the best blends that we possibly can. These beers may be released throughout 2014. Our intent is to release these beers only to the Founder’s Club, however, it is possible that there will be a slight overage in production. When this happens, The Rare Barrel plans to offer Founder’s Club members the opportunity to purchase additional bottles. We also plan to cellar or serve these excess small-batch blends and may release them at special events. If there are excess bottles after the Founder’s Club members have the opportunity to purchase them, and we decide not to cellar or serve the remaining bottles, we may sell them to the public.

First Right to Purchase Bottled Beer

In 2014, we anticipate having limited quantities of each release available to the public. However, as a Founder’s Club member, you will have the first right to purchase a limited number of bottles of most bottled releases through the website ( before anyone else. We may sell the draft version of a particular release before we sell the bottled version. Additionally, we might have some brands that are only offered for sale in the tasting room.

10% Discount 

Founder’s Club members will receive a 10% discount on purchases made through the tasting room and website. This includes bottles, draft beer, growler fills, apparel, and food.

Custom Growler

We will also be selling and filling a limited number of 32oz. glass growlers in our tasting room, however, members are  are guaranteed a 32 oz. ceramic growler that is unique to the Founder’s Club. Due to limited production volumes, we can only offer small number of beers available for growler fills. For our regular glass growlers, we will strive to make one beer available for growler fills. Members will  have access to this beer with their Founder's Club growler plus exclusive access to one additional beer of our choosing.  Founder’s Club growlers can be filled by the Founder’s Club member or their trustee. Empty growlers can be picked-up in the tasting room or shipped at an additional charge.

Custom Glassware

Each member will receive two pieces of glassware that are specific to the Founder’s Club. Glassware can be shipped (at additional charge) or picked-up in the tasting room.

Membership ID Card

Membership also includes a personalized, non-transferrable, membership card. Show your membership card in the tasting room to receive your 10% discount.

First Right of Acceptance to 2015 Membership

Founder’s Club members will have the first right to purchase a membership with our 2015 sour beer club. The number of memberships available for 2015 is currently undetermined, but will be based on production volumes and our ability to provide club members with limited release blends. Either way, each Founder’s Club member will have the opportunity to purchase a 2015 membership. Additionally, the 2014 club will be the only one called the “Founder’s Club.” Subsequent memberships will have a different name.

Order Shipping and Pick-up

Founder’s Club members will have three options for fulfilling their orders placed online. Members cann either pick-up beer at brewery, shipping beer to their house/business within California, or a designate a trustee to pick-up their beer for them.

  • Pick-up at brewery – Members can place orders online, and then pick them up in the tasting room, at no additional charge. Orders can only be picked-up from the tasting room during normal tasting room hours.
  • Shipping within California – Members who live or work in California will also have the opportunity to have their orders shipped directly to them at an additional cost. If you would like to save on shipping costs, members will have the option to compound orders by shipping multiple orders at once. At this point, only Founder’s Club members will be able to change shipping options and compound multiple orders into the same shipment.  The Rare Barrel is only legally allowed to ship to addresses within California, even if your state allows beer shipping. A signature and government issued ID proving that the person accepting the packing is 21+ years of age will be required upon delivery. We cannot ship beer to P.O. boxes. 
  • Trustee - A member of the Founder’s Club may designate a Trustee to pick-up their beers in the tasting room and fill their Founder’s Club growler. This is a great option for members who live outside of California and are not able to visit the tasting room. We are happy to fill Founder’s Club growlers for trustees. The 10% discount and other club benefits do not apply to trustees.


Founder’s Club membership is valid through December 31st, 2014. Beer purchased through the membership can be stored at The Rare Barrel up to March 31st, 2015.

Are you in? 


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The Rare Barrel
October 17, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

Our First Four Beers...

Our first four sour beers are ready! Here is a little more info about these beers:

SKUs Me | Golden Sour Beer Aged In Oak Barrels | 5.3%

"SKUs me, is there any room on this shelf for another new brewery? There is? Great!!" SKUs Me, which is our very first blend, was fermented with Brettanomyces yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria and aged in oak barrels. This moderately tart golden sour beer has notes of lemon zest and hay.

Ensorcelled | Dark Sour Beer Aged In Oak Barrels With Raspberries | 5.8%

Ensorcelled is a blend of our oak-aged red sour beer and oak-aged black Brettanomyces beer. After blending our red and black sours together, we added raspberries and let the beer age in barrels for a few more months. 

Shadows of Their Eyes | Dark Sour Beer Aged In Oak Barrels | 5.6%

Shadows of Their Eyes is a dark sour beer fermented with Brettanomyces yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria and aged in oak barrels. Aromas of chocolate complement the dark fruit notes in this assertively sour beer. 

Proportional Response | Amber Sour Beer Aged In Oak Barrels | 4.8%

Proportional Response, a balanced amber sour beer, is a blend of our mouth-puckering red sour beer and our faintly tart pale sour beer. The result of this blend is well-balanced amber sour beer with moderate tartness and hints of cherries and grapefruit.


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The Rare Barrel
October 2, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

Draft Beer is Ready… Save the Dates!

Our first draft beers are ready to be served! Starting on October 17th, we’ll have a few events around the Bay Area to give you a sneak peak of our sour beers.  

Here are the details on the first four events scheduled:


Thursday, October 17th, 5-9pm, City Beer Store, 1168 Folsom St #101, San Francisco

Friday, October 18th, 5-9pm, Beer Revolution, 464 3rd St, Oakland

Sunday, October 20th, 12-5pm, Sour Sunday @ Jupiter, 2181 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

Saturday, October 26th, 4-7pm, Livermore Saloon (by The Beer Barron), 2223 1st Street, Livermore


Each of the craft beer spots listed above will be serving two of our oak-aged sours on draft, accompanied by The Rare Barrel crew. Come by, say hi, and get a sneak preview of some of the beers we will be serving in our tasting room, which will hopefully be open by the end of November. We will be having a few more events over the next couple of months if you can’t make any of the three listed above.  

Our dream of serving our first sour beers has been years in the making, so we couldn’t be more excited to share our first sour beers with you!

Stay Sour, 

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The Rare Barrel
August 13, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

Batch #13... we funk'd up

We do things a little differently at The Rare Barrel, and we don’t have a brewhouse. Instead, we rely on renting time on our friends’ brewing systems around the Bay Area. On brew days, we hop in our box truck and travel to one of the breweries with our recipe, specialty malts, and two 15BBL transport tanks ready to brew!

Overall, we’ve been very happy with the process so far. Scheduling brews, transporting sterile wort, and the quality wort have all been up to our standards. We haven’t tested positive for any infections on our wort stability testing, and we are very happy with the way our barrels are progressing. Each batch has come home to us safe and sound. All that positive momentum had to come to an end sometime though…and that momentum came to a halt with Batch #13.

Jay had just returned from a successful brew, so Alex and Brad helped him unload the truck, as usual. Alex forklifted one of the tanks from the truck, and proceeded to set it down in the parking lot. However, when the tank was 6” above the ground, this happened…

Batch #13 Wort Errrywhere from The Rare Barrel on Vimeo.

Did the forklift puncture the tank? Did a pipe break? Why are we flooding the parking lot right now? Will this ever stop???

We tried everything we could to stop the flow, but couldn’t figure out why the valve that would stop this madness wasn’t closing. After a little maneuvering, we got the handle loose and closed the valve. After the fact, we realized that the threaded piping on the tank had rotated 90 degrees in transportation, so that our piping was the first thing to touch the ground, not the legs of the tank. With 5,000 lbs. of wort resting on the pipe, it didn’t stand a chance. We lost about 150 gallons of beer in the parking lot. Our neighbors joked about grabbing their beer steins and having a party in the lot.

Mistakes happen…especially with new companies. We’ve already made our fair share, and this won’t be the last, but this is the first one that really cost us some beer. While we originally intended to re-use the yeast from this batch to ferment future batches and top off some barrels, we’ve decided to release this beer on its own. This beer has a funk’d up backstory, so we’ve decided to stay funky with this beer by adding multiple strains of Brettanomyces and bacteria to it. 


The Rare Barrel
June 27, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

Where have we been?

We haven’t updated our blog recently, and we are here to do something about that. We’ve been quite busy around The Rare Barrel lately, and would like to share some recent events with you.

We started brewing in February and it’s kept us very happy. While we started off brewing once every other week, we recently upped it to brewing two times every three weeks. That’s still a relatively small amount compared to most breweries, but with all of the preparation and work involved with sour beer, we stay busy.


More equipment allowed us to increase our production and prepare for packaging. This new equipment includes a second 30BBL fermenter, a 15BBL blending tank, and a 70BBL blending tank. The second fermenter has allowed us to double our production, but we aren’t using it to its full capacity yet. We’re expecting to start packaging sometime in the second half of this year. The 15 BBL blending tank will be used to package draft and small bottle releases, while the 70BBL blending tank will be used for our larger bottle releases. Additionally, our bottling line and labeler are currently being manufactured.

We’re also building a tasting room. Woo!  Back in March, we got zoning approval for the tasting room (thank you to all our friends and neighbors who came to speak in favor of it!). The tasting room should be open around late 2013.

How do you like the new website? Click around if you’d like. With this new website, we’re now able to sell our apparel (hoodies, hats, and shirts) and ship to all 50 states. Eventually, we will even sell and ship beer to residents in California using our new website, too.

We’ll do our best not to go this long without posting again. For the most up-to-date news, be sure to follow us on Facebook. For updates in 140 characters or less, you can follow us on Twitter. And for #artsy photos, follow us on Instagram @therarebarrel.


The Rare Barrel
April 26, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

What is Batch #1?

About one year after announcing the founding of The Rare Barrel, we have finally brewed our first full batch of beer! It is happily fermenting away in our 30 barrel fermentation tank as we speak. We’re very excited and proud to share what we have in store for this inaugural brew.

What type of beer is it?

Batch #1 will be a 3-year old golden sour beer blended like a Belgian Gueuze but fermented using our choice of cultured yeast and bacteria. Three years from now, we will blend Batch #1 with a 1-year old and a 2-year old golden sour to create our Batch #1 blend. It’s worth noting that we are not trying to make a true Gueuze (by definition, Gueuze can only be made in Belgium and must be spontaneously fermented), but instead we are trying to create a fascinating flavor profile that comes from their blending techniques.

Spent grain from batch #1
Image: Spent grain from Batch #1

Why did we choose that style for Batch #1?

Our company is heavily inspired by the talented Gueuze blenders of Belgium. In addition to blending beer, many of these Gueuze blenders procure wort (or beer) in a similar manner to us.  Some blenders will pick up spontaneously inoculated wort from Lambic brewers and bring it back to their barrel warehouse to fill their barrels. Similarly, we bring back sterile wort (but not beer) to our barrel warehouse, and we inoculate the wort with cultured yeast and bacteria in our fermentation tank. For Batch #1, it seemed fitting to start fermentation with a strain of Brettanomyces from Drei Fontenien, one of these amazing Belgian Gueuze blenders headed by Armand Debelder.

Image: Jay with Armand Debelder of Drei Fonteinen

What’s the plan going forward?

Batch #1 will be blended with batches brewed one year and two years from today, to create a blended golden sour beer. The first part of this blend (already brewed to be aged for 3 years) will start by aging with Brett for several months. Once the desired level of attenuation and flavor development has been achieved, we’ll be adding pediococcus bacteria cultures to the beer with a little bit of fresh wort. This will add complexity to the flavor of this beer as well as give the Brett an addition of new fermentable sugar and some bacteria to keep them company.

The second and third parts of the blend are still up for consideration. Will we continue with the same fermentation track as Batch #1? It’s hard to say. We will have to taste it in one year to see how the flavor has developed which will largely determine the plan for the second and third parts of the blend.

Image: Alex and Jay pitching Brett from barrels

When will it be released?

2016. Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy some sour beer!


The Rare Barrel
February 8, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

What does The Rare Barrel mean?

As the time to our first brew day rapidly attenuates, we’d like to share with you the meaning behind the name of our sour beer company.

Our name may remind you that sour beer is only a small part of the American beer landscape. However, for us, the name is about a mission. The mission, which is built on a foundation of experimentation, exploration, and collaboration, is to discover a truly exceptional blend of yeast and bacteria that make a “dream barrel” of sour beer.  This is why we’re starting an all-sour beer company. We are in search of The Rare Barrel. In our quest to create a range of exceptional sour beers, you will search for our finest barrel of sour beer: The Rare Barrel.

On an annual basis, we will organize an exhaustive search (tasting) of our barrel house to find our finest barrel of sour beer. A team of craft beer enthusiasts, sour-heads, homebrewers, brewers, BJCP judges, cicerones, and foodies will taste through our barrel house and select our finest three barrels of sour beer. Once the search party has determined the top three barrels of sour beer, the founders of The Rare Barrel will taste them, and name the finest of the final three barrels as “The Rare Barrel.” Shortly after the search for The Rare Barrel, we will serve The Rare Barrel at a party for all attendees to enjoy. Additionally, we will re-pitch The Rare Barrel’s culture of yeast and bacteria into a new batch of wort, with the intention of recreating The Rare Barrel for more to enjoy.

We will be experimenting with various techniques and ingredients to produce a wide and exciting range of sour beers. This will give us great and diverse options in the selection of The Rare Barrel. With every beer we make, we will strive for its quality to reach the caliber of being The Rare Barrel.

We look forward to your help in the search for The Rare Barrel.


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The Rare Barrel
January 22, 2013 | The Rare Barrel

What is sour beer?

As we sit here and drink our 3,000,000th glass of sour beer (rough estimate), our conversation inevitably leads us to talk about the flavor profile, acidity, yeast and bacterial characteristics, and ingredients… you know… the kind of stuff everyone ponders about when they’re enjoying a sour beer, right?

Well, probably not. While we geek out over the sour beers we drink, we also realize that a lot of our friends still aren’t familiar with what sour beer actually is… yet.  Let me take a moment and give you a quick rundown on sour beer:

Sour beer…

…is a term used to encompass many different beer styles, some of which include lambic, gueuze, Flemish red, and Berliner Weisse. The first three styles mentioned are traditional to Belgium, while the last is traditional to Germany.

…has an extremely wide range of complex flavors. Some of the more common descriptors are sour, acidic, tart, dry, yoghurt-y, and fruity.

…is the oldest style of beer in the world. This wasn’t really by choice though. For thousands of years, beers were “accidentally” sour because humans didn’t even know that yeast and bacteria existed! If beer wasn’t consumed quickly enough, it would become sour.

…becomes “sour” from Lactobacillus and/or Pediococcus, which are both bacteria. “You’re putting WHAT in my beer???” someone might ask. Yup, bacteria! You may have already been introduced to these bacteria, if you enjoy yogurt, kefir, milk, cheese, miso, sauerkraut, or sourdough bread. Lactobacillus (Lacto) or Pediococcus (Pedio) are responsible for the flavors produced in these foods.

…usually ages in wood barrels. The wood creates a perfect environment for the souring microorganisms to grow and ferment over a long period of time.

…takes a long time to make. In general, sour beers will age in barrels for anywhere from 6-36 months before they are ready to be consumed. At least that’s how long our sour beers will age.

…is commonly fermented with fruits. Cherries and raspberries are among the most traditional fruits fermented with sour beer, but apricots, peaches, figs, blackberries, and strawberries also make for great ingredients in sour beers. Fruit was traditionally added to beer as a way to preserve the fruit, but now fruits are added because they just taste amazing in the sour beers!

…is commonly fermented with Brettanomyces (Brett), which is a kind of yeast that is most commonly known for its funky flavors that are found in saisons and farmhouse ales. Brett will add a small amount of acidity to a beer, but won’t add enough sourness to make a beer sour by itself.  

…is a great beer for you to try if you enjoy wine. Some of characteristics they share are acidity, dryness, and fruit notes.

…can be spontaneously fermented, which means that the wort is exposed to the open air, which allows the natural yeast and bacteria in the air to fall into the wort, and ferment it into beer. By definition, lambics and gueuzes need to be spontaneously fermented. 

…is usually blended. For example, a brewery might have 10 oak barrels with sour beer. Once the sour beers are ready to be consumed, the brewery will blend some (or all) of those barrels back together to create the final product. Each of those 10 barrels will be slightly different, so it is up to the blender to decide what barrels and proportions are blended to make the final product. 

We originally were going to include an additional 39 descriptions of what sour beer is, but instead we decided to drink another sour beer and thought you would probably have more fun doing the same.


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