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BLURRED CARBONIC with Chenin Blanc Grapes '20
Beer Specs
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Golden Sour
Chenin Blanc Grapes
Mixed Culture
Mixed Culture
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BLURRED CARBONIC with Chenin Blanc Grapes '20

Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels with Chenin Blanc Grapes | 9.7% ABV | 24.5 FL OZ

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BLURRED is a series of beer/wine hybrids that combine techniques and processes from the winemaking world with mixed fermentation practices from the sour beer world. BLURRED CARBONIC with Chenin Blanc Grapes utilizes whole cluster hand-harvested Chenin Blanc grapes from our friends at Heringer Estates in Northern California. Hundreds of pounds of whole cluster grapes were added directly to oak barrels that were later filled with mixed fermentation beer and left to age for upwards of 9 months. Allowed to undergo their own steady natural fermentation, the Chenin Blanc grapes yielded soft notes of melon, quince, and bubblegum while the mixed fermentation beer provided a soft canvas of pear, dried hay, and honeysuckle. BLURRED CARBONIC utilizes a unique form of fermentation to encapsulate the best characteristics that both wine and beer have to offer.


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