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Ensnare The Senses
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Red Sour Beer
Cherry and Raspberry
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Ensnare The Senses

2020 Ambassadors of Sour Release #3

Red Sour Beer Aged in Vanilla Maple Syrup Cinnamon Whiskey Barrels with Cherry and Raspberry

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Ensnare The Senses is one of our most ambitious barrel-aging experiments to date. In the Summer of 2018, we were fortunate enough to source some uniquely expressive barrels that had housed a number of different ingredients in their lifetimes. After initially aging bourbon, these barrels were used to age cinnamon whiskey, then vanilla extract, and lastly maple syrup. 

A red sour beer base was blended and aged in these barrels for 24 months to maximize the amount of character extracted from the oak. After sitting in the barrels for two years, the beer took on a fair amount of barrel character, with potent aromas of maple, cinnamon, and oak. We decided to try and stretch those flavors and aromas even further by putting the beer through a secondary fruit refermentation. The beer was refermented with a mixture of fresh sour cherries and raspberries which provide a pop of fruit character meant to enhance the spice like aromas imparted by the barrels. After reaching stability the beer was packaged and naturally conditioned in bottles. 

The result is a beer that is truly a wild ride for your senses. Every sniff will hit your senses with a different experience ranging from bright cherry to sweet maple syrup to spicy cinnamon. Though every component is distinct and different, the overall expression yields a uniquely satisfying drink that is sure to captivate. 



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