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Examined At Leisure
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Golden Sour
Apriums And Pluots
Mixed Culture
Mixed Culture
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Examined At Leisure

2020 Ambassador of Sour Release #1

Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels with Apriums and Pluots

2020 AOS Release #1

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Examined At Leisure is a golden sour beer aged in oak barrels with Apriums and Pluots. We hand processed 1000 lbs of Coral Cot Apriums, 1000 lbs of Honey Rich Apriums, and 1500 lbs of Flavor Grenade Pluots for the base blend to condition upon. After separating the flesh from the pits, seven emptied and purged oak barrels were filled with fruit while three emptied and purged barrels were filled with each variety of pit. A blend of 6 month old Simcoe and Amarillo dry hopped mixed fermentation beer and 14 month old tart saison was then racked into each oak barrel as the base. After conditioning on the fruit for 8 more months, the beer was packaged in bottles and kegs to undergo a secondary fermentation process producing a natural carbonation.

All three varieties of fruit are slightly smaller than your typical apricot or plum, creating a slightly greater ratio of skin/pit to flesh. Though the flesh provides a significant amount of backbone to the body of this beer, the majority of the aroma and nuance is derived from the skins and pits. With highly expressive floral notes, light tannins, and subtle amaretto characteristics, this beer really expresses the impact of whole fruit in the brewing process. 


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