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Floating Amongst The Stars '21
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Mixed Culture
Mixed Culture
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Floating Amongst The Stars '21

Mixed Fermentation India Pale Ale Aged in Oak Barrels | 7.8% ABV | 375 mL

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Our second collaboration with Moonraker Brewing is a blend of oak barrel-aged mixed fermentation beer from both breweries. Our contribution to the blend is a mixed fermentation IPA originally brewed with Moonraker in early 2019. After aging in oak with a unique mixed culture for over 22 months, the beer exhibits a strong Brett character, fruity hop aromas, and medium acidity. To complement those characteristics, Moonraker selected barrels from their own barrel program that provide a bright tropical Brett expression, light floral aromas, and subtle acidity. The resulting blend is a thorough showcase of the barrel aging philosophies at both breweries. An ever-changing beverage, this beer will continue to become richer and more complex over time.


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