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In Violet Light
Beer Specs
Beer type
Golden Sour
Sweet Cherry, Violet Flower, Lemon Zest
Mixed Culture
Mixed Culture
Alcohol %

In Violet Light

2019 AOS Club Exclusive


Golden Sour Beer Aged in Gin Barrels with Sweet Cherries, Violet Flowers and Lemon Zest

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/ 750mL

To celebrate being with The Rare Barrel for 5 years, our Director of Sales & Marketing and Club Manager Tyler Shaughnessy created a beer from start to finish.   Tyler's love for cocktails and Canadian roots led him to blend a sour remiscent of an Aviation cocktail and design a label that pays homage to his home country. 

In Violet Light is a gin barrel aged golden sour beer refermented with sweet cherries and infused with violet flowers and lemon zest. Fermented with a mixture of microorganisms, this luminous plum colored sour expresses notes of refreshing botanicals, hints of lemon and honey, with sweet flavors of cherry and tones of spruce.


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