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The Search
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Golden Sour
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Mixed Culture
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The Search

10 Oak Barrel Blend of Golden Sour Beer

Available in the Tasting Room & Kitchen

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On our journey to find our best barrel of yeast and bacteria, to find The Rare Barrel 2018, The Search Party helped select the top barrels from our barrel cellar. It’s with gratitude that we present a bottle where some of our friends and Ambassadors of Sour were the blenders. The following are the top rated barrels that were blended into The Search:

F7K,  N9N, D2E,  F2P, E8Y, I5P,  E2S, N2J, Q5Z, O8L. A splash of barrel N6Z (The Rare Barrel 2018) was also added into this bottled blend.

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Search for The Rare Barrel. We hope the journey was just as fun as the destination.

To learn more about how we selected the barrels in this blend and our journey in The Search for The Rare Barrel, please click here to read out blog.


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